Who We Are

CR Brand is a business started by high school friends Sandy (pictured left) and Alex (pictured right) in 2014.
We make simple, beautiful objects that help people simplify and enrich their lives, and reduce screen time, while also having a net positive impact on the environment.
Our first creation, the Wallaby, is a wallet notebook that was developed over 4 years. It was followed by the Joey, a smaller, simpler version.
We ran a successful Kickstarter campaign in late 2018, to bring these products to market and to raise money for global reforestation efforts.
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Our business name is a reference to our long-standing mutual affinity for words that begin with “Cr”, which we believe are inherently amusing to say. (“Crunchy”, “cranky”, “criminal”, “creative”, “crony”, etc.)
Thank you for visiting our website,
Alex & Sandy