The Wallaby - The Original Wallet Notebook

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This is our Model T. It's a wallet and a notebook; a ledger and a pocketbook.

The Wallaby combines two of your everyday carry objects into one beautiful,  elegant replacement. Not only does that mean you have fewer things to cram into your pockets when you walk out the door, but it also means you'll never be without your most important information, because it's all in the same place.

Need to write down a phone number? Check your shopping list? Exchange business cards? Pay for your groceries? Remind yourself to look up a new company? Open an RFID lock?

Then the Wallaby is what you need.

Actually, it's kind of crazy you don't already have one.


Size - 5.5" x 3.5" (14cm x 9cm). This is the standard size, and will be what you're used to seeing in a notebook. There are 28 pages, including the two action pages.

Pockets - It has three slots for credit cards, and pockets on both covers. Kind of a definitive feature of our brand.

Dot grid - Our faint gray dot grid merges all of the utility of blank, lined and square grid paper while freeing you from their constraints. Perfect for sketching and writing, because it's only there when you need it.

Tear-out pagesThe second half of every book is perforated, making it effortless to give that barista your phone number.

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